Set of floral drawer Knobs/Wooden Drawer Pulls/Cupboard Knobs/Dresser Pulls /Furniture Knobs

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Wooden Drawer Pulls/Dresser Pulls - Furniture Knobs/Cabinet Door Knobs

set of knobs - Botanical design

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Drawer Knobs - Drawer Pulls - Cupboard Knobs - Dresser Knobs - Dresser Pulls - Furniture Knobs - Cabinet Door Knobs - set of knobs quantity of 4, 6,8, 9, 10 or 12 knobs in a set.

Round design Knobs, Botanical design, Cabinet Knobs for children's room or any room in the house.
Dresser Drawer Wooden Knobs, with a glossy printed finish from Gala Studio.

•Wood Size: 1.8"
•1.4” Standard Screws included*
• Easy to install with threaded inserts
• Made to Order (3-7 days)

please indicate your design choice(s) by using the number [ from the catalog pictures] of each image along with quantity for each design.

There are set of 4 knobs,6, 8,9,10 and 12 .But I can do any quantity! check this link: Choose your quantity and design

* I have screws from 1" - 1.6 available. If you need a different length than the standard 1.4", I would be happy to supply that. Please leave me a note. A good way to know which size you'll need is to measure the screws that are currently on the dresser.