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Hamsa Hand Wall Art

Hamsa- Pink Green

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This Hamsa is inspired by nature's elegance. A botanical-style Jewish Birkat HaBayit With Hebrew blessings. Serves as a symbol of faith and harmony, inviting prosperity and peace to flourish within its walls.
Suitable as a jewish Housewarming Gift, or Good luck gift.

Buy 2 Hamsa and get three! The price is automatically updated upon purches

• Dimensions:

Small Hamsa: length 13.5 cm, width 10.5 cm.

Big Hamsa: length 25 cm, width 19 cm.

• Materials: wood 3 mm wall thickness, laser cutting and printing

It is possible to order Hamsa as gifts for guests at a bar mitzvah or as souvenirs for events, there is a possibility of Personalization if needed.

The colors on the printed Hamsa may vary a bit from the ones you see on your screen.
Preparation time - the item will be shiped up to 5 business days.
Additional questions through email: [email protected]m