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Minimalist Mezuzah case

Grey and Yellow Mezuzha



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This modern mezuzah is designed for the door of the house.
Mezuzah in geometrical minimalist design. Made of wood and printed in a special technique in a clean, smoothed look.

The mezuzah comes in two sizes to choose from:
Size: length - 14 cm, width - 2.5 cm. Depth - 1.5 cm, suitable for parchment up to 12 cm.
Size: length -17 cm, width -2.5 cm. Depth - 1.5 cm, suitable for peeling up to a length of 15 cm. The long mezuzahs come with only a black wall.

On the back of the mezuzah is a strong double-sided adhesive for easy attachment to the door frame.
The glue is suitable for different types of surfaces such as wood, ceramics, concrete, steel and more.
To fix the mezuzah, first clean the door frame from dust, and remove the top paper of the double-sided adhesive strips.
The parchment is not included. you may choose to add a kosher scroll to your mezuzah order.

♥The colors on the printed may vary a bit from the ones you see on your screen.

♥The item will ship up to 7 business days.

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